The road industry is one of our fields of specialty. Everything started in 2008, when during the economic upturn, design companies made a significant increase of the number of staff in their design teams. At that time, we were contracted to find road and bridge designers, structural engineers, water and sewage system specialists and power engineering specialists. We used this opportunity to create an extensive database of road specialists and establish excellent relationships with clients. Ever since, we have been helping construction companies find workers for vacant positions both for their projects and the home office. We possess a database of specialists in various fields, such as tender preparation, bills of quantities, claims, OHS, material engineering and other.

Below find the list of recruitment processes we completed:


  • Site Manager
  • Road Works Manager
  • Bridge Works Manager
  • Sewage Works Manager
  • Site Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Tender Engineer
  • Road Design Team Manager
  • Road Design Engineer
  • Assistant Road Design Engineer
  • Transport Engineer
  • Senior Bridge Design Engineer
  • Bridge Design Engineer
  • Assistant Bridge Design Engineer
  • Water and Sewage Design Engineer
  • Acoustic Engineer
  • Intelligent Transport Systems Engineer