How can we help you?

If you need any assistance in finding appropriate engineers/specialists, do not hesitate to contact us.

We work for clients based
in Poland and abroad

We specialise in the following areas of construction and civil engineering: roads, bridges, rail, sanitary engineering, structural engineering, HVAC, environmental engineering, hydrotechnical engineering.

We specialize in permanent recruitment (full time).
We are not a temporary agency.

Why us?

6 reasons why Integrity Consulting is a good choice.


In English the word “integrity” is a synonym for “honesty” or “fairness”. It also means “accuracy” and “completeness”. We would like all these words to be associated with our company.


We are effective: we find candidates whom our clients – on their own or assisted by other agencies – would not be able to find. We do not shun “difficult” recruitment projects.


We have a good knowledge of the construction market: 16 years’ recruitment experience in projects carried out for construction companies enables us to effectively assess the candidates’ qualifications and present the most suitable individuals to our clients. We are familiar with the latest market developments.


A large data base and a network of contacts comprising civil engineering specialists: these tools are a result of several years of practical work and now make us able to effectively carry out recruitment projects.


We have managed to establish very good business relations with a large number of our clients, based on mutual trust, respect and flexibility. Partnership relations with both our clients and the candidates are important for us.

Clients’ satisfaction

Our clients’ satisfaction matters to us as much as the candidates’ success. In each recruitment process we have two goals: to find a candidate who would meet the client’s requirements, and to make sure that the new job meets the candidate’s expectations.



For more than 12 years, we have been providing support to companies that build and modernize railway infrastructure in Poland.


We work closely with the road industry, both with design and construction companies.


Commercial and industrial constructions, public buildings. We work for design, consulting and construction companies.


Designing is one of our fields of specialty. We have recruited workers for a vast range of positions.


We help construction companies recruit skilled laborers, such as operators of specialized machines, foremen and master workmen.


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What is the cost of a recruitment task?

For more details please mail to:

We offer competitive rates, usually a proportion of the successful candidate’s annual remuneration, however, to meet the individual needs of our clients, we can adopt other payment models.

We work in the “success fee” system, which means that the payment for our task is made after the successful candidate starts his/her new job, with no initial fees.